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2021 China (Wuhan) Overseas Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

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Philippe Snel co-founder of Sinnolabs, was invited for the European roadshow openingceremony of the “2021 China (Wuhan) Overseas Talents Innovation andEntrepreneurship Competition”.    

Guest Introduction: Dr. Ling Yang, the deputy Director ofAssociation of Chinese-European Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ACEIE)  

1. Opening Speech: Dr.Zhiwei Song, Director of Association of Chinese European Innovation andEntrepreneurship (ACEIE)  

2. Guest Speaker: Prof.Wang Qinglin, Vice Minister of International Liaison Department of ChinaAssociation for Science and Technology  

3. Guest Speaker: Mr. Philippe Snel, Founder ofSinnolabs  

4. Guest Speaker: Mrs. Chen Hong, CEO of China SpainInnovation & Ventures  

5. Guest Speaker: Dr. Stephan Horvath, Board Advisor andPartner of Burj Financial  

6. Guest Speaker: Mr.Cao Zhongming, Chinese Ambassador to Belgium      

Competition was held in Wuhan on31 July. The program, which takes place every year, aims to attractinternational talents and innovative projects in China and ishosted by the Chinese Association for Science and Technology (CAST) andthe Government of Hubei Province. 

The program was organized in Wuhan,capital of Hubei Province and the most populous city in central China. The cityis also an important center for industrial innovation witharound 80 universities available to nurture companies looking for research anddevelopment partners. 

Thecompetition will focus on the following three major areas to fulfill the needsfrom the 

placeof organizers : 1) Big Health; 2) Electronic Information Technology;and 3) Advanced Manufacturing and New Materials. 

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