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Asia Virtual Mission

Media, Telecom & Entertainment


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Last Friday, Sinnolabs participated in the Asia Virtual Mission - Media, Telecom & Entertainment from imec.istart. It was the perfect occasion for Etienne Charlier and Gaëlle Grollet to present the outstanding outcome of their collaboration with Luceda Photonics in association with Sinnolabs.

In addition, the Virtual Mission offered a large panel of speakers, and the Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT) gave an informative overview of the Asia scene. Additionally, Jonathan Triboulet from Skyline Communications, and Johan Vanmarcke from MEDIAGENIX explained how they took their first steps in the Asia market towards success. Thanks to SparkLabs Group, we entered the world of the gaming in the Asia market, as well as blockchain technology.

These talks were followed by Ian McKee from Vuulr, who offered thoughts on the future of distribution & acquisition in media, and the integral role of technology in that evolution. We ended with a talk from @Zhou Ping from Huawei on trends in both 5G and 6G.

This Mission was spearheaded by Emmeline Byl, and demonstrates that there is still so much room to develop and innovate in Asia, and particularly in China

If you want to enlarge your market in China, do not hesitate to contact us.

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