• What to expect?

    A structured committed network of experts to help you scale up in China

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    One to one mentoring

    Experience in a dozen domains is invaluable. Often newcomers to China get over-excited or disillusioned by events or people. Take advice from people who found the promised land.
    Your company will get matched with several China and sector experienced professionals who will regularly guide you throughout the Program.

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    The Program

    Accelerator Progam

    This will help you go through the process of building a company in China. Group dynamic amongst participants and mentors is the main value to any great accelerator.

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    The Network

    Your Connections make it work

    To succeed in China, you need a strong team. Usually you stand alone to start with. At SinnoLabs you can meet your best matches: staff, managers, partners, investors, suppliers,… even clients.

    Sinnolabs will activate its network for you to drastically shorten results to success and cost of acquisition.

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    Scaling your business

    We can help you find and pitch to investors, but the real boost is your value proposition and team. Cash is key in China to succeed, where our network can bring or save you cash when needed.

    We help attract smart money, and investors that match your business goals and company culture.

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    The Preparation

    Let the journey begin

    China complexities: Talents, competitors, language, policies, culture, tax, licenses, internet, censoring, partnerships, relations

    China trust issues: copy/IP, legal, protective, ethics, quality, no transparency, skills, credit

    China risk aptitude: investment needs, one-shot strategy, high & low cost, fast-paced


    Sinnolabs and its mentors will help you prepare the China entry, understand the realities and discover new opportunities.

  • The Program

    Based on Sinnolabs and its founders extensive experience over the last 25 years.

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    You have clients in Europe and US. They ask you of you can offer your services in China as well. You probably have said YES OF COURSE.


    First step is to build a minimum service

    Then you get fully operational

    And when you this well, you are in harvest the Chinese market and grow.

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    You are probably in a hurry....

    But you cannot rush the first step. You can move fast but you cannot improvise.


    You need to consider several China specific constraints:

    -Regulation for hosting and handling of data (ICP: what and why)

    -Technology environment: GCP: …; AWS: …);


    -Regulated sectors (VAS, training, …)

    The count down must consider both the creation of a minimum China infrastructure and the migration of your technical solution.

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    Your customer’s HQ is happy...

    But their Chinese management starts resisting or bringing China specific requirements.

    - For examples payments in RMB, mini-app to run on WeChat instead of your standard app, ….


    The only way to handle this is to manage Chinese management locally in China and to pick one or a few features to incorporate into the global package.


    At the beginning, you are working in soft landing mode, with not personnel in China. This is one of the roles Sinnolabs is playing.

    Once you have your own representative in China, you are entering your real China business development phase

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    Now you have secured your global business in China

    In the process you have build unique strengths:

    China references, CashFlows, Core Staff, Trusted Partners, Firsthand experience, China Infrastructure, China Features

    In short, you are in the perfect position to develop a full scope China business:

    •Further business development with local entities of global companies in China that are not global customers

    •Explore targeted segments of Chinese customers

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